jangle (to)
retinir, tinir, zunir; "suddenly the alarm jangled and I woke up"
janitorzelador = caretaker
jarringforte, irritante, chocante; "jarring sound"; "jarring color"
jeer (to) at
zombar de = to mock at; to sneer at; to scoff at; "the crowd began to jeer at the speaker"
jettison (to)
alijar, descartar = to throw (cargo, supplies, etc.) overboard from a boat or aircraft to lighten it or make it stable in an emergency:
jitter (to) / jitters
estar nervoso, agir de maneira nervosa = to be extremely nervous // temor, receio, medo, sensação de pânico = a feeling of fright / to get the jitters = ficar nervoso; "he had a bad case of the jitters before his performance"
intermediario = middleman; go-between; intermediary, wholesaler who sells to dealers
joisttravessa, trave = small parallel beams of wood, steel, or reinforced concrete that support a floor or ceiling
jostle (to)
empurrar, dar cotoveladas; dar encontrão = to bump against, push, or elbow roughly or rudely; "passengers arriving and departing, jostling one another"
jut (n) / jut (to)saliência, ressalto, projeção // ressaltar, salientar, avançar / to jut out = sair, se projetar (anatomia); "his right leg was broken and the bone was jutting out"