lackadaisicalapático, indiferente = lazy; careless; feeling or showing a lack of interest or enthusiasm
laircovil, toca = the resting or living place of a wild animal; den
languish (to)1) enfraquecer, definhar = to be or become feeble, weak, or enervated / 2) ser negligenciado = to suffer neglect; "the bill languished in the Senate for eight months"
larchlarix, lariço (árvore)
lariatlaço = a long rope with a knotted loop, used to catch horses, cattle, or other animals;
lash (n) / lash (to)1) chicote, açoite = whip, switch; "he used a lash on the cattle to get them moving" / 2) chicotada = stroke of whip; whiplash; "the slave was sentenced to five lashes" / 3) cilio, pestana = eyelash // chicotear
laud (to)elogiar, enaltecer, loucar
leaden1) muito pesado; "leaden box" / 2) plúmbeo; "leaden skies"
lechery / lecherouslascívia = unrestrained and promiscuous sexuality / lascivo, lúbrico
leesotavento (náutico) / in the lee of = ao abrigo de
leerydesconfiado, cauteloso = feeling or showing a lack of trust in someone or something
legitlegítimo = legitimate; "legit theater"
leveedique, barragem = dam
lewdobsceno, safado, indecente, lascivo = nasty, bawdy, indecent; "a lewd woman"
loathrelutante, contrário a / to be loath to do something = relutar em fazer algo
loathe (to)detestar, abominar = to hate, to detest
lofty1) alto, elevado; "lofty mountains" / 2) altivo, nobre, superior, arrogante; "to treat someone in a lofty manner"
loobanheiro = an informal word for lavatory (UK)
loon1) doido, maluco, lunático / 2) mobelha (espécie de pato)
loot (to)saquear, pilhar = to plunder; to ransack; "the rioters looted several stores = os desordeiros saquearam várias lojas"
lopsidedtorto, desigual, assimétrico
loutrústico, grosseiro
lozengelosango = diamond
ludicrousridículo, cômico, absurdo; "t's ludicrous to think that anyone will agree with you"
lug (to)puxar, arrastar, carregar
lukewarm1) morno, tépido / 2) indiferente = having or expressing little interest or enthusiasm; "lukearm greeting"
lunge (n) / lunge (to)bote, estocada, investida / atacar, investir, dar um bote
lurk (to)1) ocultar-se, esconder, estar à espreita, emboscar = to be in a hidden place; to wait in a secret or hidden place especially in order to do something wrong or harmful; "we caught a glimpse of someone lurking around the corner" / 2) (comput.) to read messages written by other people on the Internet in a newsgroup, chat room, etc., without writing any messages yourself
lushluxuriante, exuberante; lush vegetation