macabremacabro, lúgubre = ghastly, grim
macegás lacrimogêneo
makeshiftprovisório, temporário, paliativo
malice / maliciousmalícia / malicioso; mal-intencionado
mange / mangysarna (doença de pele) / 1) sarnento (com o pelo caindo) / 2) esfarrapado, sujo, esquálido
mangrovemangue = a tropical tree that has roots which grow from its branches and that grows in swamps or shallow salt water
manhuntperseguição, caçada
manormansão, solar = an estate owned by a king or nobleman
mantlemanto, capote = a cloak without sleeves
marquemarca, modelo = a product model or type, as of a luxury or racing car
massacre [messikâr]massacre, carnificina = slaughter
maudlinsentimental, piegas = overly emotional; "he became maudlin and started crying like a child"
mayhem1) caos, violência = actions that hurt people and destroy things; a scene or situation that involves a lot of violence / 2) mutilação = the crime of deliberately injuring another so as to cripple or mutilate
meander (to)1) serpentear "the stream meandered through the valley" / 2) vaguear, vagar = to wander aimlessly.
medic1) estudante de medicina = a medical student / 2) membro de corpo médico militar = a military medical corpsman.
merchantmannavio mercante = trading ship; merchant ship; merchant vessel
mesmerize (to), mesmerise (to)cativar, fascinar
metier; métierofício, profissão
mettletemperamento, disposição, índole
mind-bogglingcomplicado, intrincado
mineshaftpoço de mina
miser [maizar]avarento, sovina, mesquinho, pão-duro = stingy, mean
mitre, mitermitra = the official headdress of a bishop
moatfosso = defensive ditch around a castle or fortress, usually containing water
mogulmagnata, manda-chuva = tycoon
monger (to)vender = to sell
morish; moreish (adj - UK)delicioso, gostoso
moot (to) / moot (adj)levantar para discussão = to propose for discussion // discutível = debatable; moot point = ponto discutível
mopedciclomotor, lambreta, moto pequena = a motorized bicycle with pedals, designed for low-speed operation.
moron / moronicidiota, retardado / idiota
morph (to)metamorfosear, transformar
morticianagente funerário = undertaker
motleyvariado, heterogêneo
mottledmanchado, malhado, sarapintado = marked with blotches of different colors
muddle (n) / muddle (to)confusão, bagunça, trapalhada = a confused or disordered state of affairs / confundir, misturar = to mix up in a confused manner:
muffle (to)abafar (som) = to wrap with something to deaden sound; "to muffle drums"
mumble (to)resmungar, murmurar = to mutter; to grumble
mundanemundano, banal
murk / murkyescuridão, trevas = darkness, gloom / escuro, obscuro, nublado, sombrio; "murky water"; "murky details of the case"
muse (to)meditar, matutar = to think about or ponder quietly
mushy1) mole, pastoso; "the pasta was overcooked and mushy" / 2) sentimental, piegas; "mushy love stories"
muskalmíscar = strong-smelling substance obtained from a certain deer and used to make perfumes.
muster (to)1) reunir para inspeção = to assemble (troops, etc.), as for battle or inspection / 2) mostrar, exibir; "he mustered his courage"
mustymofado, bolorento = moldy