obliterate (to)apagar = to erase
obtrude (to)intrometer-se, invadir, irromper = to thrust forward; to impose without invitation or need
offhandimprovisado; de improviso = without preparation
okraquiabo = lady's fingers; gumbo (Abelmoschus esculentus)
ooze (to)gotejar, pingar, esvair-se, fluir (líquido), exsudar = to flow or leak out slowly, as through pores or very small holes; "sap oozed from the tree"; "the cut on her finger was oozing blood"
oreganoorégano = marjoram (Origanum vulgare)
outageblecaute, falha no fornecimento de energia = a failure or interruption in use or functioning
outbackárea distante e não povoada = the country far away from cities, towns, or villages especially in Australia; bush (The bush), backwoods, wilderness
outboarddo lado externo = located on the outside of a ship's hull or aircraft / outboard motor = motor de popa
outpace (to)ultrapassar = to surpass in speed
outpouringefusão, expansão, derramamento = something that pours out
outsmart (to)superar, sobrepujar
overshoot (to)passar do limite; exceder = to pass or go by or beyond