sag (to)1) cair (breast); afundar (roof); vergar = to sink downward by or as if by weight; "his body sagged under the weight of carrying her" / 2) declinar, baixar, cair, decair; "the stock market sagged today"
depravado, devasso, libertino, lascivo, salaz

1) notável = noticeable, outsatnding / 2) saliente = projecting beyond a line, surface, or level
pálido, descorado = a sickly, yellowish color
sashfaixa decorativa, cinturão
saunter (to)caminhar tranquilamente, perambular = to walk in a relaxed, unhurried way; to stroll; "he sauntered to the bar and ordered a drink"
savvy (n) / savvy (adj)
experiência, prática = practical know-how / hábil, safo; "she's a savvy young woman"
scald (to)
escaldar = to burn with hot liquid; "the boiling water splashed and scalded her hand"
scam (n) / scam (to)
fraude, golpe / dar um golpe; fraudar
scamper (to)correr alegremente; romper em correria, disparar (crianças, animais) = to run or move quickly and often playfully; "the dog scampered out of the room"; "the children scampered in the yard"
scarabescaravelho = a large beetle regarded as sacred in ancient Egypt ; "a gold scarab was discovered at the tomb"
muito crítico, contundente, mordaz
scavenge (to)
vasculhar (lixo) = to gather by searching (something that can be used) from rubbish; "the vultures scavenged for food"
scion1) enxerto (planta), broto, muda = shoot of a plant or tree / 2) rebento, descendente (família)
scoff (to) atzombar de = to mock at; to sneer at; to jeer at; "people once scoffed at the idea of space travel"
candeeiro, arandela = a bracket for candles or other lights, placed on a wall, mirror, picture frame, etc.
scorch (to)1) chamuscar, queimar superficialmente / 2) secar, ressecar / 3) criticar com palavras ásperas
scoundrelpatife, canalha, salafrário = rogue
scour (to)1) esfregar / 2) esquadrinhar, procurar, investigar
scourge (n) / scourge (to)
1) flagelo = someone or something that causes a great amount of trouble or suffering / 2) açoite, chicote // açoitar, punir
scowl (n) / scowl (to)
carranca; olhar zangado / fazer cara feia
scrabble (to)tatear procurando algo "= to struggle in a disorderly way; "he scrabbled around looking for his glasses"
scrawl (n) / scrawl (to)garrancho, garatujas / rabiscar, garatujar = to scribble
scrounge (to) / scroungerfilar (coisas), mendigar, pechinchar = to persuade someone to give you (something) for free; "he's always scrounging off his friends instead of paying for things himself"; "he is scrounging for a free meal again" / parasita, filador,
scrunch (to)esmagar; mastigar = to crunch
seedysurrado, gasto, maltrapilho = inferior in condition or quality; shabby; "although the restaurant looked seedy, the food was quite good"
seethe (to)
ferver de raiva
seguetransição tranquila (música) = smooth transition
shackcabana, choupana
shamble (to) / shamble (n)
andar desajeitadamente; bambolear = to walk or move awkwardly / bagunça, desordem, zona
shardcaco, fragmento (vidro, ceramica) = a fragment or piece that is broken off, esp. a piece of earthenware
shrewmegera = an ill-tempered scolding woman
shrewdastuto, perspicaz, inteligente, sagaz
sideswipe (to)to strike with a glancing blow along the side
skew (adj) / skew (to)oblíquo, enviesado = oblique, slanting / distorcer
skim (to)1) desnatar; skim milk = leite desnatado / 2) to skim through = folhear, passar os olhos, ler rapidamente = to browse
skittishnervoso, inquieto
slatripa = a long, narrow strip of wood, metal, or the like used as a support for a bed, etc.
slewmuitos = a great number, a lot of, a large number "a slew of books"
slither (to)deslizar, serpentear (cobra) = to move smoothly, quietly, or secretly like a snake
slobpessoa relaxada, porcalhão = lazy, untidy or fat person
slur (to) / slur (n)
1) balbuciar, falar enrolado / 2) insultar, difamar // 1) balbucio / 2) insulto, calúnia, difamação
slurp (n) / slurp (to)golada = large mouthful / comer ou beber fazendo barulho = to make a sucking noise while eating or drinking
neve semiderretida = partly melted or watery snow; "be careful - all the roads are covered in slush"
smear (to)1) espalhar, besuntar, lambuzar / 2) caluniar, difamar
smolder (to); smoulder (to)1) arder a fogo lento = to burn slowly / 2) estar remoendo por dentro
smother (to)sufocar, asfixiar, abafar (incêndio)
snag (n) / snag (to)1) problema, empecilho, dificuldade, obstáculo = an unexpected problem or difficulty / 2) rasgão // 1) rasgar / 2) pegar (entender rapidamente) = to catch, capture, or get (something or someone) by quick action or good luck
snarl (to)
snippetpedacinho, fragmento, recorte = a small part, piece, or thing
snugconfortável, aconchegante = comfortable, cozy; "a snug little house"
consolação, conforto
advogado, procurador = a British lawyer who advises clients and represents them before the lower courts; lawyer, attorney
sow (n)
porca = an adult female pig
spar (to)1) discutir, confrontar / 2) boxear, praticar boxe // mastro
spateavalanche, torrente, enchente, enxurrada = a large number or amount; a spate of angry words = uma enxurrada de palavrões
spew (to)
1) expelir, expulsar / 2) jorrar, expulsar
splurge (to)ostentar, esbanjar = to spend money on some luxury or pleasure, especially a costly one; "they splurged their money on a trip to Europe"
spout (n) / spout (to)
bico (jarra, bule, chaleira, etc) = mouth of a jug or kettle / jorrar, esguichar; "the well was spouting oil"
sprain (n) / sprain (to)
entorse, distensão / torcer, distender
spurt (to) / spurt (n)jorrar, esguichar = to squirt, to gush; "blood spurted from the wound" / jorro, esguicho
sputter (to)1) cuspir / 2) gaguejar, balbuciar
squander (to)desperdiçar
mulher índia
squawk (n) / squawk (to)som agudo e penetrante, guincho, chio, grasnido / gritar (como pato), guinchar, chiar, grasnar
squeal (to)gritar, guinchar, grunhir
squish (to)
fazer ruído de pisada em coisa mole e molhada; esmagar, espremer = to squeeze
staminaenergia, força, vigor
stanch (or staunch)
forte, firme, constante
stash (to)guardar, estocar, armazenar = to put away for future use
stave (n) / stave (to) off
1) pauta musical / 2) tábua curva de barris e toneis; aduela = narrow strips of wood that form the sides of a barrel / 3) cajado, bordão = stick, rod, or pole; "the shepherd used his stave to guide his sheep" // prevenir, evitar; "if you take extra vitamins, you may be able to stave off the flu"
stenchfedor = odor, stink
strenuousenérgico; esforçado
strew (to); strewed; strew
espalhar, espargir; "the performers strewed candy at the end of the show"
stubblebarba espetada, barba de vários dias
studiousestudioso; aplicado = very serious about studying, reading, learning, etc
surmise (to)conjecturar, deduzir, supor
swags of1) muitos = lots of (Australia, NZ) / 2) coisas roubadas
swankyelegante, requintado, chic
swatha row of cut grain or grass left by a scythe or mowing machine / a long broad strip or belt
swindle / swindle (to)fraude, falcatrua / fraudar, burlar, trapacear