taint (to) / tainted1) estragar = to spoil / 2) contaminar, poluir / 3) manchar // estragado (comida); poluído (ar)
tad1) quantia insignificante = a little, a bit, small amount / 2) um pouco = somewhat, rather "looked a tad bigger than me" / 3) menininho = small boy "grandfather never tires of telling us about the days when he was just a tad"
tamper (to)1) interferir, mexer em = to interfere, to meddle with; "he did not want to tamper with tradition" / 2) alterar, adulterar, falsificar
tantalize (to) (tantalise) / tantalizing
tentar, atormentar, provocar = to torment (someone) with, or as if with, the sight of something desirable but out of reach; "tantalized her with dreams of a promotion" / tentador
tantamount toequivalente a = equivalent to, the same as
tantrumbirra, pirraça
tarnish (to)embaçar; perder o brilho = to cause a metal surface to be dull; "silver tarnishes easily in salty air" / manchar (reputação) = to destroy the good name of; "the charge of fraud tarnished the company's reputation"
taunt (n) / taunt (to)insulto, troça, gracinha, motejo / zombar, escarnecer, tratar com sarcasmo, ridicularizar = to mock
tawdry1) de mau gosto, espalhafatoso, berrante / 2) barato, vulgar, de má qualidade
teem (to) (with)abundar, estar cheio de = to abound; to be present in large quantity
tenetprincípio, crença, dogma, doutrina
tenureposse / estabilidade (emprego) / to have tenure = ter estabilidade; to get tenure = obter estabilidade
tersebreve, conciso, sucinto = concise, brief
thicketmoita; mato cerrado; bosque cerrado
thong1) correia, tira de couro = a narrow strip of leather or other material / 2) sandália de dedo, sandália rasteirinha = a shoe or slipper held on the foot by a strip of leather between the first two toee; flip-flop "the young woman wore her thongs to the beach"
thrallescravo / escravidão
thrash (to)
derrotar, bater, surrar (jogo)
throe1) dor aguda; espasmo, pontada / 2) agonia
throng (n) / throng (to)multidão = crowd; "a throng of people surrounded the Pope" / aglomerar, apinhar = to crowd together in great numbers
throttle (to) / throttle (n)
1) estrangular, sufocar = to choke, to strangle; "he throttled her in a fit of jealous rage" / 2) controlar o fluxo de combustível = to control or restrict (a flow of fluid) by means of a throttle valve // afogador (carro), válvula reguladora de combustível = throttle valve
thug1) bandido, assassino / 2) brutamontes
thump (to)socar, espancar = to strike or beat heavily; to pound
thwart (to)impedir, frustrar = to oppose successfully or prevent; frustrate
tinge (n) / tinge (to)
tom, coloração, matiz = a slight tint or colouring; "the jam had a strange green tinge, so I didn't eat any" / colorir, tingir; "walls tinged with brown "
tingle (to)formigar = to have a feeling of slight sting
tintcor, matiz = color, hue
tipsyembriagado, tonto = slightly drunk
tortato ilícito
totgole, trago = a small portion, as of liquor
totter (to)cambalear, andar com passos cambaleantes, balançar
tout (to)agenciar, aliciar, angariar, arranjar clientes; to tout for business = andar à caça de clientes
trawl (n) / trawl (to)arrastão, rede de pescar // 1) pescar com esta rede / 2) vasculhar, procurar, investigar
trickster / trickery
trapaceiro, vigarista, caloteiro, charlatão = a person who deceives or plays tricks; conman, crook, swindler / trapaça, velhacaria, ardil; "he obtained the money by trickery"
trinketbijuteria, enfeite, pingente, berloque
1) cocho, gamela = a long, narrow open container for animals to eat or drink out of / 2) fundo, depressão = the lowest point, esp. in an economic cycle
trounce (to)derrotar (jogo) = to beat or defeat utterly; to thrash
trovecoleção valiosa; acervo / treasure-trove = tesouro achado cujo dono é ignorado
trystencontro amoroso, rendez-vous = an appointment for a meeting, especially one made secretly by lovers
tussle (n) / tussle (to)luta, briga, disputa, rixa / lutar, brigar, disputar
tussocktufo de grama = a small area that is covered with long thick grass
twiddle (to)mexer, brincar com