vanquish (to)
vencer, derrotar = to win, to conquer, to defeat
veer (to)virar, mudar de direção = to shift, to change in direction, to turn / to trn away from the wind
venisoncarne de veado = edible flesh of a deer
verdant1) verdejante / 2) inexperiente
vergersacristão, bedel = a church official who serves as sacristan, caretaker, usher, and general attendant (UK)
vex (to)irritar = to annoy, to irritate
victualsvíveres, mantimentos = food supplies

muito mau; vil = very bad; nasty
visceralvisceral, instintivo, emocional = characterized by intuition or instinct rather than intellect; emotional; "a visceral novel"
vouch (to) forgarantir, dar garantia, assegurar = to guarantee; "I'll vouch for his safety"