wag (to)abanar, balançar "the dog wagged its tail"
waifcriança abandonada = a homeless child; "caring for orphans and waifs"
wanpálido, descorado, lívido = looking sick or pale; unnaturally pale, esp. on account of ill health or fatigue; "she looks a little wan after all that tiring work"
wank (to)masturbar-se = to jerk off
conhecimento de mercadorias; guia de transporte
wean (to)desmamar, abandonar (vício)
wend (to)dirigir-se a, ir a = to proceed on (one's way)
wheysoro (parte líquida do leite)
whittle (to)1) aparar, talhar, esculpir; "he showed me how to whittle a twig into a whistle" / 2) reduzir aos poucos; "to whittle costs"
whizz-bangexcelente, notável = one that is conspicuous for noise, speed, excellence, or startling effect; excellent; first-rate
whoppingimenso, colossal
whorlespiral = a circular arrangement of similar parts, as of leaves
wileartimanha, estratagema, esperteza, truque = a trick meant to fool, trap, or lure another
wilt (to)murchar (flor); morrer (planta), perder o vigor = to fade, to wither, to droop; "insufficient water makes plants wilt"
winnow (to)separar palha do grão, separar joio do trigo, peneirar, joeirar = to remove (the unwanted coverings of seeds) from grain; to separate (grain) from (chaff); "to winnow fact from fiction"
wrangle / wrangle (to) / wrangler
briga, discussão // brigar, discutir // vaqueiro, cowboy = a person who takes care of horses on a ranch
wreak (to)causar estragos; to wreak havoc on = causar estragos em
wretch1) pessoa miserável, sem sorte = a very unfortunate or unhappy person / 2) desgraçado, desprezível = a despicable person
wring (to), wrung, wrung
torcer; retorcer para tornar seco, para extrair água; "to wring a towel dry"